Hefei Solarway Energy Technology Co.,Ltd


Country: China

Product types: Inverters



About this producer

Hefei Solarway Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focuses on research and development, production, and sales and service of solar, wind, and other renewable energy power product. The main products are photovoltaic grid-connected Inverter, wind power converter, new energy electric vehicle (EV) charging station, energy storage Inverter equipment, etc. Moreover, it provides project consulting, system design, and technical support services, etc. It collaborates with the Photovoltaic Systems Center of China Ministry of Education on research and development. Solarway is one of the most outstanding enterprises on photovoltaic and wind power in China, which acquire numbers of core technologies and have complete independent intellectual property rights. Since its foundation, it has always been concerning advanced technology as a power font for the development of enterprise. Built on the technical strength, supported by the sophisticated testing equipments and production equipments, the company concentrates in research and development of photovoltaic power produces with brilliant performance, reasonable structure, reliable quality, beautiful appearance, while easy to use. The company relies to highly qualified technical employees and has experienced senior photovoltaic engineers for the consulting and technical supports to customers and ensures the customers can obtain quality services. Solarway gains wide attentions and praise from all walks of fields in the society for its independent innovation and industrialization of outstanding successes. The company has won the national SME Technology Innovation Fund Project, national Spark Program and other honors. Solarway’s mission is to support clean energy development, to promote harmony between human and nature, adhere to the value of "honesty, responsibility, innovation, win-win", hoping to create a new life through the new energy.

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