Kuala Lumpur,

Today at IGEM 2015 fair in Malaysia we met Mr. Robert Vose business developer manager at Clenergy. Clenergy has grown from being a boutique solar solutions provider in to a passionate, globally renowned renewable energy company with nearly 400 employees and offices around four continents. The company manufactures mounting systems for solar PV projects with the majors offices in Australia, Japan , China and UK .

Recently they have established a regional Office in Kuala Lumpur .


This our second year at IGEM, with the new office in KL we support the solar industry in Malaysia. We chose this fair for showing our company because is the biggest renewable energy exhibition in Malaysia”. Mr. Vose said to us.


Are you showing new products exclusively for the exhibition?

Clenergy has a active R&D Team developing new products and we didn't release a new product at IGEM but we regularly release new products internationally”.“Malaysia is a manufacturing hub for the PV solar industry. Most of the major solar companies have a office in Malaysia or Singapore”. “The Malaysian solar industry has a lot of premise, given the FiT and SEDA. The quotas for solar PV are still quite low, but the expectation is that this Market will expand to GW scale in the next few years to 2020”.

It is best to support the industry from beginning, while it is still developing”.


We have to say thanks to Mr. Robert Vose for the information that he gave us. For more info about Clenergy visit ( www.clenergy.my )