As well as illuminate the solar business with its important news, NPD Solarbuzz can also provide widespread industry investigation reports. So, below we will treat on the results of the search, directed by Ray Lian, an analyst of NPD, which shows the Top 10 PV module producers for 2013.


The list was compiled specifically by full year 2013 and based on the volume of the modules in megawatt.

The Top 10 reveals that these companies have supplied over 18GW of PV modules in 2013, representing a 40% increase compared to 2012. Global production of these 10 large producers covers almost 50% of the market. For smaller producers remains to be shared just over 50% of the remaining market.

There is also to be stressed that eight of the Top 10 companies in 2013 were also in the 2012 Top 10 list.

Yingli Green Energy was the market leader during 2013: the company stands out, maintaining the number 1 position.

Moreover, Yingli became the first ever module supplier to exceed more than 3GW of supply in a single year. During 2013, Renesolaand Kyocera replaced Suntech and Sunpower, each of whom had featured in the 2012 listing.

We must remember also that among the most important performance are those of Jinko Solar and Renesola (as you can see from the figure covering the 5 and 6 position).

It’s important to know that Chinese or Japanese companies are driving this marketSharp Solar, First Solar and Kyocera were the only non-Chinese based suppliers in the rankings for 2013.

First Solar is the exception to this categorisation. Once again, First Solar was the only thin-film producer in the Top 10, with healthy project pipelines providing strong pull on internal module supply.

Hanwha SolarOne and JA Solar were ranked in positions 8 and 10, respectively. Each exceeded the 1GW level for annual module supply for the first time in 2013.

InsteadTrina Solar is trying to challenge the first module supplier during 2013, the Yingli company. Trina’s module volume in 2013 grew by more than 60% compared to 2012.

The explosive progress of the Japanese PV market in 2013 has strongly stimulated the supply of its leader: SoSharp Solar ranking to number three in 2013; Kyocera also enjoyed strong domestic demand and featured in ninth position.


Other important Japanese module suppliers, such as Solar Frontier and Panasonic, did not belong in the Top 10, but they will make their entrance worthy in the Top 20, that is “Module Tracker Quarterly” and it will be featured in the January release of the.


PVCompare Team
(source: NDP Solarbuzz)