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GoodWe can do it: in a rapidly developing new energy market

GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co, Ltd, is one of China’s leading solar power and technology innovation businesses.

In a world exclusive interview with PVCompare.net, the Marketing Manager of GoodWe, Joyce Qiao, sets out the company’s long-term ambitions in the global market place.


The Chinese solar power company also warns other European PV manufacturers to sort out their own problems, without resorting to continental protectionism, that could trigger a trade war with the world's two biggest trading blocks.


Ms. Qiao, said: "GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co, Ltd is a rapidly developing new energy enterprise, and dedicated to the development,production and sales of solar PV inverters. 
Our products are already sold to over 20 countries, and our annual production capacity is expected to hit 3000MW in the near future."


GoodWe has developed and produced a series of inverters from 1.5kW to 500kW, including SS(Single MPPT, Single Phase)DS(Dual MPPT,Single Phase) DT(Dual MPPT, Three Phase) ES(Hybrid Energy Store) DI JP MT - seven series of solar inverters. The maximum conversion efficiency reaches up to 98.8% with MPPT efficiency over 99.5% and THDi less than 1%, which achieve the world's leading level.


GoodWe Solar Inverter has achieved a ‘Double A’ test result from PHOTON Lab. The GW4000-SS and GW17K-DT placed the company as one of the global top manufacturers of domestic and commercial systems.


GoodWe has set up an integrated service system for pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale, and has established service centres world-wide.A ll our products have a standard 5-years warranty, and can be extended to 10/15/20/25, depending on our customer’s demand, said Joyce.


The company is devoted to creating a concept of 'workshop' which aims to offer global support to all our customers including; project consulting, technical training, site instruction and after-sale tracking.


Currently, our target markets are in Europe and Australia. But we are expanding rapidly and increasing our visibility in Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

Ms. Qiao, added: "It’s definitely not the best way for EU PV manufacturers to sort out their own problems by activating anti-dumping against other countries. It’s very possible that this action will trigger a chain of trade wars between EU and China."


"However, for an inverter company, it will be a double-edged sword. On one side, as the panel price is climbing up, the whole system costs increase accordingly."


It will have some impact on the accumulated PV installation quantity. On the other side, for some customers, they will balance total cost by using more competitive inverters, like GoodWe.


There is some doubt on the quality of Photovoltaic products from China due to its low cost. Admittedly, there are some factories whose quality control is not good.

However, GoodWe, has a very strict quality control system and supply chain control, and most of our components are from world-leading suppliers.

That’s why we can ensure all our products to customers are of the highest quality.


GoodWe also supports the new international webite of PVCompare.net

We like the way PVCompare are talking about the international issues of PV products, from businesses to clients, and writing in an unbiased way, where PVCompare.net will stand out in the global crowd.


"Please leave a comment and vote on our company card." ( http://www.pvcompare.net/en/partner/1082/GoodWe-Power-Supply-Technology-Ltd-Co) It is the invitation of GoodWe, landed on PVCompare with its own company card . 
The company's goal? Giving a voice to customers and make public the high level of acceptance of its products.


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