On-Grid inverter HS500K3

Product code: HS500K3

Power: not specified


1. Wide DC input voltage range
2. The maximum efficiency is more than 97.8%, European efficiency reach to 97.1%
3. Operating temperature range -20°C~+50°C
4. MPPT efficiency >99.9%
5. Use LCD display to display in different language environment, Heat dehumidification function
6. AC output can connect with low voltage 400V, A/B/C three phase to be chosen needless of order
7. Perfect protection function
8. LVRT function
9. Remote parameter monitoring function
10. Remote continuously adjustable power function (0-100%)
11. Over temperature linear derating function
12. With functions of phalanx insulation impedance test
13. Support multi-parallel


Input(DC) ?
Max. DC power 550kW
Max. input voltage 880V
Max. input current 1200A
MPPT voltage range 450~820V
Number of DC inputs 10
Output(AC) ?
Rated power 500kW
Rated grid voltage 400V
Max. output current 800A
Rated grid frequency 50Hz
Grid voltage range 340~440V
Grid frequency range 49.5~50.2Hz
Output current THD(at rated power) ?3%
Power factor at rated power ?0.99
Output voltage DC component <0.5%
Grid structure TT / TN-S / TN-C
AC output / Output terminal 5×M8/ Copper
System data ?
Max. efficiency 97.7%?with transformer?
European efficiency 97.1%?with transformer?
Degree of protection IP21?indor?
Self-consumption at night ?60W
Operating temperature range -20?~+50?
Storage temperature range -40?~+80?
Cooling method By fan
Relative humidity ?95%?non-condensing
Max. altitude 6000m
Fresh air consumption 8000m³/h
Display LCD
Standard communication RS485
Optional communication Ethernet/GPRS
Mechanical data ?
Dimensions?W×H×D? 2150×1980×800+1230×1980×800mm
Weight 3000kg