Both personal and commercial relationships have been revolutionized by the digital world and the internet era. According to the Hardvard Business Review most costumers, before making a purchase, whether it is in store or online, they carry out a preliminary research on the web to acquire all the necessary information to make a better choice. Users are looking for information about both the product they are interested in and the company which produces it.

So costumers, before than in store, are acquired online and companies are indeed investing more and more resources in online advertising. The latter can be implemented not only through their own website and banner advertising, but also through a corporate blog.

A corporate blog in fact allows the company to spread on the internet both information and articles that can attract potential customers. If properly structured and maintained, it is able to considerably increase the incoming traffic on company website and enhance firm online reputation. Hence the choice to start a blog needs to be evaluated from two point of view: advertising and the possibility to increase company online image.

To take advantage of a blog as a promotional vehicle, however, specific skills capable of producing interesting articles and to share them effectively are needed. Last but not least, an excellent ability to index your blog through effective keywords is also necessary. In the absence of all this it will be unlikely to achieve the desired results or even all efforts could be counterproductive.

For all these reasons, PVCompare gives its customers the opportunity to use the services offered by its own blog which is taken care of by experts in the field on a daily basis. This will enable the company to publish independently articles on our blog which will be read every month by thousands of readers around the world. In this way companies will not need to deal with the long and complicated process generally required to retain readers to a blog of recent foundation.