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European Union is on the right track to meet an objective of getting 1/5th of their energy requirement from the renewable resources by the year 2020 although Netherlands, Britain and Luxembourg seem to lag behind. These were the words declared by the EEA or European environment agency on Tuesday. The European environment agency which offers investigations to European Union policymakers declared energy is got from natural sources like solar and wind seems to be extremely cheaper. Consequently, alternative energies have replaced gas and coal to reduce carbon emissions as well as to boost up energy security.


Without availability of green energy, usage of coal has been increased higher to about 13 percent and hence more than 7 percent consumption of natural gas has been taken place in the year 2013. At the same time, EU gas funds also found to be decreasing and this was the latest report made by EEA. On the whole, the European Union surely meets its objective of getting 20 percent of needed energy for renewable source in the year 2020. As a result solar and wind energy expands when the price rate falls down. Renewable energy has a great impact on cutting down coal and gas.

Some other states also follow green energy sources to cut their energy consumption and save their cost. In Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Austria, renewable energy sources developed more than 1/3rd of energy consumption in the year 2013 while the other states like Malta, Luxembourg, Britain as well as Netherlands received less than five percent from the usage of green sources. Nevertheless, the European environment agency predicts the straggler with caught up. In particular, Britain has stepped into offshore wind. Energy choices are highly sensitive since EU nations have their right to pick up which fuel they want to employ.

Britain is also investing their money in generating nuclear power that is free from emissions and has been sought to restrict any countrywide renewable objectives for the future. A cooperation arranged in the month of October to establish a renewable target of about 27 percent in the year 2030 while the environmental activist said that it is not easy to get sufficient increase on renewable energy by the year 2020. European Union on their long-term research predicts declare that they will increase the renewable energy from 55% to 57% by the year 2050. Europe environmental agency Executive Director named Hans Bruyninckx stated that renewable energies are turning to be the excellent success story for the European state.

The European union also declare that they can also go further by supporting their ideas in this field as a result their European economy will get increases and thus emission rate gradually decreases. However some renewable energy sources are declined in Europe. About 60 % of European Union’s renewable energy sources arrive from biomass that is considered as a waste product but can be used instead of coal as well to protect the environment. Environment campaigners declare US forests are being robbed to create wood pellets and it is exported to the European nation.

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