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More and more often, a digital marketing plan, is seen as 'necessary', and even more often times as a "necessary evil." Moreover, on Facebook, "we are all there” and I think it's really the only social why this statement is true. But is it really so? And, is that a good Social Media for the Renewables business? There are two wrong answers, and are "yes" and "no" - without first have answered some questions.



The marketing manager may tell you: with the endless innovation that is happening in the modern world, a digital marketing plan is vital to the life of a growing business.

It's normal this is his work, brings water to his mill. But, it's really true? Let's answer a these simple questions.


Is your industry already one of the most discussed in Facebook, Gplus or LinkedIN in the official pages, in non-official groups, etc.?

If it is not, we can say that the answer should be negative now. But you probably have the dilemma of risk. Risking a lot of time, resources, creativity and reputation for innovation drastically the way you communicate to adapt it to Facebook trying to show a side curious, funny, surprising, and create content specifically 'side', since this is possible without falling into the ridiculous? And if so, what would you say about that at your boss? If there is no internal culture, it is only a disguise that will not help in the long run.


Are you sure that the people you want to attract are looking at Facebook as an important resource for the topic? The fact that they are present on Facebook does not mean that they are there for read your contents. So, when they are there, they really want to discuss topics that perhaps through Facebook they want to forget for a moment? For example, the purchase of machinery, a software project, the B2B industry in general?


Calculated the hours to search for content, edit, publish, respond to comments - or the hours you pay to the agency, which is the same. It is time to subtract your concentration and other activities. Should you really?


You can replace Facebook with another "name of social media" in these questions, and you'll have a test ready for other platforms.


However, we are speaking about our field, what's the best Social Media for the Renewable Energy field?


From a quick analysis we can see that Facebook will guarantee a greater catchment area, but at the same time more varied and less focused our business to other social like LinkedIn. Facebook works on a referral basis. If a Facebook user liked your page for example, it will be appearing into his friend’s newsfeed making it go viral all throughout the connection of friends they have.


Linkedin, instead, offers a more focused social Media because we interact with people presumably in the same industry. And then we find many more specific groups, who have very high levels of participation and may even get to 74,000 members (Group on LinkedIN with Renewables topic).


So, Should you close your facebook page?

Maybe yes , maybe no .


Why yes?: Because despite having a huge catchment area we waste a lot of resources for adapt our contents to Facebook, finding the right groups, but above all it is very difficult to get niche industry who are really interested in what you are offering.


Why no?: In many business fields there are sites of information external to the social (especially Facebook) grouping posts by sector. Obviously this is a great service for the user that research information of a sector with the speed that characterizes the Socials. But is a great service for you, you do not have to waste time searching the groups where publish because the site takes autonomously your latest news published on your social wall.


At PVCompare we have created this service for the renewable energy sector. We added that service for free to all others services.



The companies registered to our site will (after login) get into their control panel and associate your FB profile to our site. Automatically our website derive your last post (and will continue to do it forever!) and will show the votes and reviews presents on your company Official page .


Author :

Davide Zanatta


Internet Marketing Manager at PVCompare