GoodWe solar Inverters

GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd. is the emerging enterprise uses the strategic and innovative technique for production. GoodWe is also funded by the JXT Group which is the world renowned electronic industry with the $20 million capital. The company is also supported by the Chinese government and the growth of the company in the production along with the leading manufacturer. JXT Group is the Chinese largest electrical manufacturers with the best quality supplier of the Apple and Samsung Smartphone devices. GoodWe also makes the technology as the innovative type of core competence. There are more than 100 R&D staffs and they make the steady performance with the products. The company also classed as the PV inverters key laboratory with the talented training base in 2012.




Result Achieved:

There are many achievement made by this company for their extensive production services in the best manner and the GoodWe solar inverter is also one of the best invention. The “Double A” is the result achieved by for the GoodWe solar inverter and the result was provided from the Photon Lab. The 4kW inverter from GoodWe is in the top rank over the world with its best performances in the best manner. The Photon Lab also comments on GoodWe solar inverter with the “more than respectable” as the quality and the power capacity of the device is more when compared to other inverters.


World Leading Inverter:

GoodWe has quite experienced in all the sectors like production in the SS \ DS \ DT \ DI \ ES\ JP \ MT seven series solar inverters and they have increased their performances. The conversion efficiency reaches 98.8% maximum and it has the MPPT efficiency of 99.5%. THDi for the inverter is less than 1% so it made the world leading inverter level. There are many types of inverters available like String Inverter, Central Inverter and many more. The MPP tracking efficiency of the devices is also in the world class level as the GoodWe products reaches more than 99.5%. The Total harmonic distortions of the GoodWe products are less than 1%.


Academic Benefits:

The GoodWe solar inverters are sold in the large scale as they are widely used in many countries like Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, UK and many more. The main reason behind this is the quality with the best services appreciated by the clients. The PV system present in the Yunnan Normal University also has the GoodWe inverter. The Yunnan Normal University is located in the Kunming, Yunnan Province and the university also reports that the GoodWe system performances are good. This inverter is very special as the Solar Energy Research Institute also practically demonstrated photovoltaic system. This inverter can be used for all kinds of academic teaching work and research work. Some of the teaching works that can be made using these inverters are data acquisition, intelligent control of the PVsystem, system monitoring and software design, data transmission, performance analysis for the PV system, and many more.


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