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Schutten Solar is regarded as an internationally high tech enterprise and is involved in world class advanced PV technology. The company is established by ICBC Quanjiao Branch in Britain in the year 2009. This manufactory is spread across 80,000 Square meters and can provide more than 150MW solar panels products every year. With more than 100 engineers and 300 workers, Schutten Solar provide products of perfect workmanship. The company also boasts stable supply chain that entails more than ten reliable suppliers who guarantee on-time delivery of products. The company is concentrating on the research and development, sale and deploys of solar energy resources together with a combination of professional staff and solar energy technology.



Schutten Solar Company is supplying a wide range of solar modules by using advanced exotic machines. They also strictly adhere to quality control and production processes. The sales network of Schutten Solar has been well spread within a short time across the world in various countries like Germany, Italy, Australia, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand and South Africa. Schutten Solar is the professional manufacturer of photovoltaic products and strives to pay attention to each and every aspect of their working process in order to deliver PV modules with great reliability, performance and low cost to their customers.


The company is also running accurate electrical test on every product manufactured to maintain the deviation of power output to the minimal level. The quality and environmental management system of Schutten Solar has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certifications whereas theur products have obtained international quality certifications such as CEC, TUV, UL, MCS, CE, JPEC, PV-CYCLE and so forth. Their products are not only reliable but also stable in operation and can deliver a constant flow of fresh energy to the end users.


Schutten Solar manufactures and supplies photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic cells perfect for off grid and on grid residential as well as smaller commercial installations such as arrays mounted flat or at the fixed tilt on the rooftops. Schutten Solar also offers a wide variety of solar products which are specifically engineered to provide the appealing aesthetics, efficient and reliable performance as per the requirements of the customers. Moreover, the company also manufactures photovoltaic modules which have proven to gratify the requirements of grid connected commercial solar applications. Whether you want the installation to be mounted on the roof tops of privately or publicly owned building, you can acquire it from Schutten Solar.

Schutten Solar offers top notch solar technologies through modernized manufacturing techniques. The adept and experienced technical department and manufacture department of Schutten Solar adhere to the methods that lower cost and improve efficiency. The company is also looking to establish close partnership to execute research programs on PV to bring cutting edge solar technology with realistic implications to the market and initiate and expand profound knowledge in solar energy. From on grid solar parks to off grid unique system, from commercial to household system, Schutten Solar can make a valuable contribution to establish green environment.


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