On July 15 the Commission presented a proposal on energy efficiency label revision to bring more clarity in the market. Consumers have always been at the core of the Energy Union.

In order to meet consumers’ expectations and deliver real benefits from new technology the EU Commission recognizes that it is necessary to built a three-pillar strategy:

  • Improve the quality of the information delivered to the consumers: they will save money and energy, benefitting themselves and the entire community;
  • Widen the choice of the consumer, through enhanced competition;
  •  Protect consumers as much as possible

The key element is information: if the consumer is well informed is empowered to choose the best option.

Energy labelling has been introduced twenty years ago, and it has certainly encouraged the development of more energy efficient products. However, we now observe too complex labels, which make consumer choice more and more difficult. Therefore the Commission proposes returning to the original A to G energy label scale, which is simpler and well understood by consumers.

This is one but important step towards the creation of Energy Union as EU Commission Vice-President for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič said: "In the Energy Union strategy, we committed to empowering European consumers, creating a single well-functioning energy market, putting energy efficiency first and becoming the number one in renewables. Today, five months after the adoption of the Energy Union strategy, this Summer Package shows our determination to decarbonise our economy and to give consumers a central role in Europe's energy transition. It marks not only a new deal for consumers, but a new deal for Europe´s entire energy system." 


Eliana Canavesio