On February 5, 2014, the JinkoSolar Holding Company declared to provide Smart Modules of 2 MW rating to IDEC Corporation for solar PV project being installed in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.


The IDEC Corporation is a Tokyo Stock Exchange company which designs and manufactures automation control products. Recently it is working on ground mounted solar project in Nishinomiya for which 7,644 polycrystalline smart modules from the JinkoSolar company will be installed, along with the smart optimizer component from TIGO. In Japan, this will be the largest PV project in which smart modules will be installed.


Highlights of operation of JinkoSolar smart modules:

The smart modules manufactured by JinkoSOlar adjust the mismatches between the module strings and the module with the embedded cell optimizer element that controls the Maximum Power Point Tracking (ìMPPTî) functions at the sub-panel level. In this strategy, the module or the cell strings continue to generate power without limiting the flow of energy to others. The power output is improved up to 20% by the use of smart modules compared to the ordinary modules. This is quite efficient in shade conditions. Similarly the impact clouds effect and the dust on other modules can also be minimized by the use of this strategy.

The Chief Executive Officer of JinkoSolar, Mr. Kangping Chen was of the opinion that the smart modules installed by JinkoSolar in the Hyogo Prefecture project will be providing steady electric generation and efficient operation for the solar powered PV system. According to him, this will be the first step towards the smart-grid build-up in Nishinomiya. The R and D team at JinkoSolar is quite ambitious to develop integrated intuitive solution using smart solar modules in the intelligent solar systems for power generation. The JinkoSolar team aims to introduce latest and effective smart solar PV systems in the future to bring a revolution in the solar power industry.


JinkoSolar Holding Company manufacturing solar products that last for years


The JinkoSolar Hoding Company is the world leading producer of solar products with production partners in Zhejiang and Jiangxi, China. It owns and sales offices and marketing units around the world. By December 2014, JinkoSolar manufactured the vertically integrated solar powered system a capacity of 2.5 GW per annum for silicon wafers and ingots, 3.2 GW for solar modules and 2 GW for photovoltaic cells. JinkoSolar has energy and solar product consumers in China and the global solar PV market. The JinkoSolar team is quite efficient in the solar product manufacturing projects. Each photovoltaic cell and solar module is tested in almost 36 steps to ensure stringent quality and efficiency. In-house testing of the solar modules is performed in the upgraded UL certified testing laboratory.

The power stations are required to generate energy for at least 25 years. Keeping this in mind, the JinkoSolar team strives to maintain the highest industrial standards in the manufacturing of solar products and solar modules. These solar products are reliable enough to continue the power plant operation for about one-fourth of a century.