The Energyntegration Srl – STI company actively participated in SAIE International Building Exhibition 2014 and presented the latest EY-HYBRID elements in the exhibition which were tested by the team of the energy department of the POLITECNICO OF MILAN.


The Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar elements known as hybrid PV/T systems transform the solar radiation into electrical energy and thermal energy.

To measure the thermal efficiency of the output of the PVT systems, a thermal loop is installed in the panel. The temperature, pressure and mass flow measurements are recorded. Then, on the basis of these measurements, the thermal power recovery system and the auxiliary consumption of the corresponding PVT system are analyzed for the output efficiency.

The temperature and the flow rate measurements of the fluid of each PVT panel are recorded to set the operating conditions for the PVT system. The operating conditions are set using Labview interface. This interface allows the evaluation of large number of operating conditions. In this way, the output performance and the efficiency of the PVT panels is analyzed by the thermal power output value and the temperatures of the cooling fluids.


The EY-HYBRID elements presented by the Energyntegration Srl Company at SAIE 2014 were highly appreciated for their output performance and effectiveness in the renewable energy systems. Visitors from variant backgrounds showed interest in the energy projects introduced by the company and expressed positive opinion about the energy team of the company.



Energyntegration Srl and Innovative PVT systems:

The Energyntegration Srl Company is an innovative unit in the renewable energy industrial sector. It was developed in March 2014, with its functional headquarter in the Dubina state, Italy. In Milan, the registered office was established to expand their business. With time, the It Energyntegration Srl Company has earned in the designing and manufacturing of renewable energy systems. The company is well known for its energy saving projects. The sale of the renewable energy products earns profit to the company. Recently, the company has started the patent solar items range. This includes the roof covering of the solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal systems and hybrid solar systems which comprises of PV and the thermal functions in the single energy system. The patented solar products are highly suitable for all kinds of chromatic integration as well as architectural integration.

The roof covering products designed and manufactured by Energyntegration company are highly advantageous to achieve the following targets:

  1. The architectural processing of renewable energy systems with pitch roofs
  2. The chromatic processing based on variety of colors to minimize the visual impact


The Energyntegration company manufactures an exclusive range of patented and licensed items for the residential sectors, keeping the landscape and the architectural constraints to the lower level. The residential energy solutions are integrated with quality architectural and chromatic processing within the pitched roofs of Italian landscape generally. Moreover these energy product are compact in size and weight. For this reason, these energy items are quite easy to install without any requirement of other specific materials or coordination with the roofers actions. 


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