Vito Nicastri


Vito Nicastri was the leading entrepreneur of silicon energy and he was arrested due to the fraudulent tax returns activities which has taken place in the location of Milan at Italy. The Milan court has announced four years prison life for the convicted person. Vito Nicastri was arrested on Thursday for filing fake tax returns as well as fraudulent action against the state of Milan. He was known as ruler of alternative energy as he holds several photovoltaic cell companies and wind farms as his business possessions.


Italian media always publish more and more information about him usually in their channels but he was the culprit in grabbing the wealth of the state. He is doubted by silicon investigators for having connection with absconder Matteo Messina Denaro of Sicilian Mafia boss. At the beginning stage of investigation, he was put under investigation before the magistrates in the year 2010 in location of Trapani due to his guessed tie up with Sicilian Mafia boss named as Messina Denaro.

The Milan court has ordered the person to give 10.8 million Euros from his assets along with 5.6 cores which was directly connected to Nicastri case. Whereas the Trapani resident was standing as a prosecution lawyer in court of Milan over the suspected scam which was taken place against the Milan state for worth nineteen million Euros taken away by him in the year 2008 through the purchase of stakes in windco as well as in the manufacture of sludge fund. Several million Euros were grabbed through stakes purchase in windco through Luxembourg-based Linux firm. These were the statements according to the trial. Nicastri, CEO and Linux owner, are the three who does not provide their current annual income regarding tax reforms about this company. The company was headquartering in Luxembourg while the administration was firmly carried out in Milan at Italy. The state attorney said his views to the magistrate.

The deserter Matteo Messina Denaro was recognized as the number one boss. He was 52-years old and has committed several crimes. The investigators also guess that Vito Nicastri would be a front man for mafia for investing some illegal funds in this business sector. The 57-year old Nicastri holds 43 wind farms and solar energy companies along with other 98 properties. Due to this vigorous involvement in renewable energy, he is called as lord of wind energy. The Milan court sentenced three defendants to jail for four years for doing fraudulent activities in their business tax reforms. The silicon energy business person Vito Nicastri news was considered as the hitting news of Milan. The court has ordered four years jail along with 10.8 million Euros seize for committing fraud against Milan state. This is regarded as the biggest ever asset seizure in the state by the police. The Milan court has sentenced 3 other people to jail for the period of three years and release four others from the case.