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In February 2015, the Bavarian company Jurawatt installed desert solar modules to cope with the high temperatures of Aegean region and the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.

The desert technology is a great success of Jurawatt Energy Solutions Company. It is determined to install desert power plants in high temperatures areas in Turkey. According to the CEO of Jurawatt, Patrick Thoma, the company has found the top place among the corporates from Europe Asia group in Turkey. With the commencement of the contracts for the high temperature solar modules in Turkey, the Jurawatt Company is being inquired about the installation of a desert power station in Turkey.

These high temperature solar modules are specially designed for areas with high temperatures of up to about 40 °C in summers and the lower temperature range between 27 °C to -45 °C in winters. With such climatic conditions, the desert solar modules give optimum yields without PID effect. The functioning of the high temperature modules remains effective even at 145 °C. The region where the climate remains moderate, standard solar panels yields the best efficiency possible.


The standard solar modules cannot be used in desert areas or where the temperature is unusually high. In such regions, the standard solar panels will lose their nominal power in just 10 years and only some of the solar modules will be able to work with 80% capacity for up to about 15 years. For this reason, the desert technology is being research and installed in such regions for effective energy solutions.

The Jurawatt Company has earned a name in the designing and manufacturing of such high temperature solar panels round the world. When the temperature of the solar cell rises extensively, lesser power is generated from the panel. The compay has designed such high temperature combination panels, that generate more wattage for the same nominal power. These specially designed high temperature panels have 15% improved temperature coefficient compared to the temperature coefficient of standard PV panel of -0.45%/ per calorie. This improvement in the temperature coefficient leads to more efficient power generation. And the performance output of the desert mdules improves with the rise in temperature.

Jurawatt GmbH is the Pioneer in Desert Technology

The J.V.G. Thoma Group comprising of Jurawatt Company is the pioneer in the Desert technology market. The CEO of the group, Johann von Gott Thoma has an experience of about 30 years in the solar energy sector. Besides other successful inventions in the synergy industry, the Jarawatt company manufactured high performance solar modules with 2 and 3 BB cells that are well built and well positioned. The company aims to continue its research in the dynamic environment of solar energy. It has recently registered variants of patented solar modules.

The Jurawatt Company has established a fully equipped research division under the supervision of Dr. Claudia Gremmel, and Hans Thomas. Both run the research division independent of the production unit of the company. They have gained a years of experience in the solar industry.


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