India, being the second to the largest population in the world is facing a power supply scarcity recently. There is a greater demand than the supply of power in the country especially in the rural area. As a resolution to the vast growing of demand, Indi has made a big step forward in encouraging the nation to use solar power alternatives. There is group called the Jawarhal Nehru National Solar Mission that manages the ecological promotion as an advance fix.



Importance of India’s Geographical Area

India’s location plays a vital role in making this advanced step in setting solar energy to be the source of power in the country. Based on NASA’s profiling, India happens to receive the highest level of solar radiations globally. That makes 2000 KWh per square meter. This is the main reason why adopting solar power alternatives is the biggest genius move done by the country. This is to make use of the sun energy to help sustain ecological balance. Moreover the Crystalline Sillicon panel is the equipment that makes converting of the sunlight into energy possible, is becoming more popular tool that will save the country’s scarce power supply.

The most active player of green energy in the country continues to grow

Not long ago that the government accommodate the solar energy reproduction, it has been stated that Gujarat holds the most successful rate of adapting the alternative solution in fighting the power scarcity in the country. Also, the state has the chief rate in purchase of solar power equipment to help them nurture the energy resources. It is a noble for India that Gujarat continues to show its extensive growth in milestones that it has been recognized globally. The vision is to make Gujarat the universal hub of solar power.

Manpower: Received an International Training to Deliver Best Knowledge in Solar Power Generation

Even though the country just set the breakthrough solar power regeneration, India has been granted solar photo-voltaic solutions for solar power plants. This includes training about the solar energy reproduction. Omsun provides the high-quality user-friendly equipment that is used as a tool to success of sustaining ecological growth and helping the environment. Numerous benefits are identified that can help the manpower production to be as easy as reading the manuals because of the advance technology Omsun offers.

Continued Partnership: Omsun Solar Module Line and German Technology


As advancement has been a part of our daily life, Omsun Solar Module Line keeps their word to continue the solar photovaltaic solution to provide its worldwide leading technology in German partnership. It is already functioning as an automated solar power plant. The partnership will become stronger to provide a sustainable ecological balance in the country. This is also to offer the economic-friendly solar power equipment in the Indian mass market. 

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