GoodWe Newsletter 20130916

BAPV The company announces today that it has secured supply contract of 10 MW inverters of DT and MT series for two BAPV applications. These inverters will be used for the PV installations on the rooftops of schools, factories, communities etc. Full-grid connectivity is expected to be taking place at the end of September. According to the Ministry of Finance, PV installations that meet the requirements of BAPV application enjoy a national subsidy of 5.5 RMB/kWh.   PV Farm The delivery of a mix of 10kW, 15kW and 17kW DT inverters to Denmark has been completed. All these DT inverters are used for a medium-sized PV Power station which will strengthen the electricity access to people who are living on a farm.The flexible manufacturing model allows GoodWe to deliver its products in time and always fill what the customers expect.