GoodWe Newsletter 20130930

Award campaign GoodWe has been listed as the candidate for China’s Top 5 Inverter Brand. This campaign is jointly organized by China’s official newspaper for new energy and the most popular solar power station portal. GoodWe was nominated for its ‘significant contribution to the growing domestic PV market especially in rooftop PV installations. Companies like Emerson, Power-one are also competing for this award. New ‘double A’ The GoodWe GW17k-DT has been tested by PHOTON and achieved a ‘Double A’ result. It has attained a PHOTON efficiency of 97.6% for medium irradiation and 97.8% for high irradiation. It is a three phase inverter with a nominal AC power of 17kW and DC power of 17.5kW and can be installed at commercial and industrial PV system of the same generator output. Also, itcomes with Wi-Fi communication interface optionally.