1kW Off-Grid Inverter with Controller

Product code: HT1000BC-224

Power: 1000W


1. Hybrid controller inverter
2. MPPT control
3. Digital control
4. High impact resistance
5. Self detected frequency & voltage
6. Continuous output
7. Perfect protection function
8. Visualized LCD/LED display

Model HT1000BC-224
AC Output Rated Power 1000W
Output Voltage 220/230VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz±0.1Hz
Standby Mode ?10W
Output Accuracy ±3%
Output Waveform Linear load (THD<1%)
Battery Input Battery Voltage 24V
Rated Current 50A
Voltage Range 21 ~ 30VDC
Battery Low Voltage Warning Point 22.5V
Battery Low Voltage Power Off Point 21V
Max. Efficiency 91%
Bypass Input AC Bypass Input Voltage 220Vac±10%
AC Bypass Input Frequency 50/60Hz
AC Bypass Output Current 4.5A
Switching Time ?10ms
PV Charge Controller PV Max. Short Circuit Current 25A
PV Max. Open circuit Voltage 55V
Max. Charging Current 25A
Max. Charging Power 600W
Charging Control Mode MPPT 
Max. Efficiency 97.50%
AC Charger (optional) Max. Charging Voltage 28.5V
Max. Charging Current 12A
AC Max. Charging Current 300W
Environment Anbient Temperature 0?~ +40?
Humidity ?90%, non-condensing
Altitude 2000m
Protection Function Over Temperature Protection Point 75?± 5?
Output Short Circuit Close Output Voltage and Reset
Overload Protection Over 105-115% load, it will last 3 min; over 115-150%, last 30 sec; >150%, last 10 main electricity supply cycles
Display Displayer LCD/LED
Display Content Battery Voltage, Output Load, Operational Mode, Fault Information and Operation Condition
Size (W×H×D) 482×88×415 mm
Weight 6 Kg