AC Cabinet

Product code: HansBoxPMD-A

Power: not specified


The main features

The inverter connects to grid through AC cabinet; the AC cabinet includes AC breaker (grid side), anti-lighting, power gauze, inverter grid port, AC voltage meter & AC current meter, etc.

Technical parameters

1-Specification: 10kW~500kw

2-AC Cabinet manages the flow of AC current and a convenient method of linking grid and inverter

3-AC Breaker protection: AC Cabinet is assembled with AC breaker; provide safety support in grid 
and inverter maintenance and operation, highly secure for operator

4-Intelligent Power Gauze: It is equipped with highly accurate gauze to provide accurate and sensitive 
data regarding power generated by system

5-Anti-thunder: AC output is equipped with anti-lightning to avoid damages from thunder.

6-Anti- countercurrent: It has automatic anti-countercurrent flow function with indication by alarm system 
installed in intelligent power gauze

7-Adoption of high quality components such as ABB breaker and Phoenix anti-lighting

8-Reliable and safe system

9-Flexible customization