On-Grid inverter HS250K3TL

Product code: HS250K3TL

Power: not specified


1. Bring in the advanced SVPWM and DSP technology from USA
2. Wide DC input voltage range
3. The maximum efficiency is more than 98.7%, European efficiency reach to 98.4%
4. Use LCD displayer to display in different language screen
5. Perfect protection function
6. Meet State Grid LVRT requirement
7. Remote parameter monitoring function
8. Remote continuously adjustable power function (0-100%)
9. Adjustable reactive power, power factor range will head 0.9 or back 0.9
10. Over temperature linear derating function
11. Drive signal spdif out and avoid other signal interference
12. LCL inverter filter and smaller harmonic
13. Smart controlled cooling fan, automatically match high and low speed and save electricity to improve generation capacity
14. Structure optimization design and small occupation space
15. Automatically on and off model and needless of manual intervention 
16. Heat dehumidification function

Input(DC) ?
Max. DC power 275kW
Max. input voltage 1000V
Trigger voltage 480V
Max. input current 600A
MPPT voltage range 450~820V
MPPT tracking ways 1
Number of DC inputs 5 (optional)
Output(AC) ?
Rated power 250kW
Rated grid voltage 270V
Max. output current  590A
Rated grid frequency 50/60Hz
Grid voltage range 230~297V
Grid frequency range 49.5~50.2Hz
Output current THD(at rated power) ?2%
Power factor at rated power ?0.99
Output voltage DC component <0.5%
AC output / Output terminal 3×M10/ Copper bar
System data ?
Max. efficiency 98.7% (No transformer)
European efficiency 98.4% (No transformer)
Degree of protection IP21 (indor)
Self-consumption at night ?60W
Operating temperature range -20?~+50?
Storage temperature range -40?~+80?
Cooling method By fan
Relative humidity ?95%?non-condensing
Max. altitude 6000m
Fresh air consumption 2500m³/h
Display LCD
Standard communication RS485
Optional communication Ethernet/GPRS
Mechanical data ?
Dimensions?W×H×D? 1400×1980×880mm
Weight 900kg