Combining Box HINV10K-8S

Product code: HINV10K-8S

Power: not specified


The main features

1. It can be connected to multichannel PV array and the maximum current of each channel can be 
16A. The proper current value can be selected according to different customer’s requirements.
2. It is equipped with the solar DC lightning protection devices. Both the positive pole and negative
pole have the dual lightning protection function.
3.  It adopts the professional DC breaker, capable to stand voltage not  lower than  DC1000V. So it 
is safe and reliable. 
4. With testing  and  real-time monitoring on the current and voltage of each PV array. It may record 
and display  the running  state of the PV  array in a  long distance, so you don’t need to arrive on 
site to know its working data (selectable).  
5. The protection class is IP65, which meets the outdoor installation and usage requirements.
6. Easy and convenient installation and maintenance, long-term service life.

Technical parameters

1. The PV array series connection maximum input voltage: DC1000V
2. The PV array series connection maximum input current: 16A
3. Number of the input loop: According to the requirements
4. The rated current of the fuse: 16A
5. The maximum output current: N*16A
6. The input array positive and negative pole connection wiring diameter: 6mm 
7. The output positive and negative pole/earth wire diameter: 35mm/16mm
8. The permitted input current of each circuit: 16A/1.56
9. The communication supply voltage: DC8V~30V
10. Communication method: RS485
11. Weight: 20Kg
12?Dimensions (L?W?H):600mm×410mm×220mm