System Cabinet

Product code: not specified

Power: 1KW-3KW


1.       Solar system cabinet includes inverter, solar charge controller and battery which it is easy and convenient to connect and maintain. 
2.       MPPT solar charge controller: the controller maximum efficiency has reached to 96.8% with the advanced MPPT technology. 
3.       Digital inverter: the inverter use high efficiency DSP control and standard rack-mounted structure to achieve small volume, light weight, stable performance and easy installation way.
4.       Perfect protection function: the over-charge and over-discharge protection for battery to prolong battery life, also equip with over load protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection function to ensure equipment safely.
5.       LCD and LED display: solar charge controller display with LED light, yellow and green light show the different work condition; inverter has LCD displayer, and display input voltage and output voltage, frequency, battery voltage, load and temperature. 

Model 1KW 2KW 3KW
Inverter HT1000BC-224 HT2000BC-248 HT3000BC-248
Inverter installation method rack-mounted/2U standard
Battery 4*12V200AH 4*12V200AH 4*12V200AH
Number of battery  four/ two floors
PV maximum open circuit voltage 55V 75V 75V
Grid rated input voltage 220/230Vac 50/60Hz
Rated output voltage 220/230Vac 50/60Hz
Protection way Dcbreaker, AC/DC air switch
Dimensions(L×W×H) 745×564×900 mm
Weight 298KG (with battery) 300KG (with battery) 302KG (with battery)
Installation method  Indoor/movable feet with casters
Temperature 0?~ +40?
Ambinet humidity ?90%, non-condensing
Highest altitude 2000m