Product code: GW100K-MTI

Power: not specified

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System Reliability
•Mature inverter control technology guarantees the product lifetime lasts for 25 years; The series is able to stably operate under severe grid condition, meeting higher electricity quality requirement;The unique design of islanding protection enables active protection with all kinds of load.

Powerful function
•Self-contained reactive power compensation realizes solar generation during the daytime and reactive power compensation during the night according to grid situation.Humanized touch screen design provides outstanding human-machine communication.Low Voltage Right Through (LVRT) capability enables inverter remain connected and work properly during short grid fault.

Outstanding performance
•Max Power Point Tracking (MPPT) efficiency as high as 99.9%;Total Harmonic Distortion of Current (THDi) at nominal power less than 1%, THDi remains less than 3% under 1/4 nominal power;Continuously adjustable power factor between 0.95 leading and 0.95 lagging maximize the grid compatibility.


DC Input Data Max. DC Input Power [kw] 110
Max. DC Voltage [v] 880

Max. PV-generator Current [A]

MPPT Voltage Range [v] 450~820(Full Load)
Max.Input Numbers 3
Night-time Self-energy Consumption [w] <30
AC Output Data Nominal Output Power [kw] 100
Nominal Output Voltage(Line Voltage) [v] 400
Grid Voltage Range(Line Voltage) [v] 310~450
Nominal Grid Frequency [Hz] 50 / 60
Grid Frequency Range [Hz] 47.5~52.5 / 57~63
Power Factor 0.95leading ….0.95lagging
THD(AC Output Current) <1%
Efficiency Max. Efficiency 97.1%
Euro. Efficiency 96.4%
MPPT Adaptation Efficiency >99%
Gerenal Data Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 1010*2005*800
Net Weight [kg] 970
Housing Indoor
Operating Temperature Range -25??55?
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95%
Site Altitude [m] 2000( Derating over 2000)
IP Protection Type IP20
Topology Transformer Electric Isolation
Cooling Concept Forced Air-cooling
Communication RS485(Ethernet/GPRS Optional)
Display Touch-screen LCD
Standard Warranty [years] 1 (Extention optional)