Product code: GW3000-SS

Power: not specified

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High Efficiency:
•Adopt advanced topological structure; the Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) is less than 1%; The MPPT Adaptation Efficiency is over 99.5%

High Reliability:
•Complete protective functions(over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, anti-islanding protection,thermal protection, over load protection);Pass stringent tests(MTBF test, HALT test, Salt Spray test, Hi-pot test,  Full-function test based on ATS platform; Burn-in time over 12 hours); DC switch disconnector; Comply with the latest VDE-AR-N4105 standard requirements; standard configuration for GFCI

High intelligence:
•Reactive power compensation; Super large 3.5-inch LCD; Multi-language selection; Night display model; Support Time setting; USB2.0 Technology; Bluetooth technology; Wide range of DC and MPPT input; IP65 protected against dust and water?Non-fan natural convection cooling and low noise design; 45? full-load output

DC Input Data Max.PV-generator power[w] 3200
Max.Dc voltage[v] 500
MPPT voltage range[v] 125~450
Turn on DC voltage[v] 125

Max.DC work current[A]

Number of MPP trackers 1
DC-connection MC IV or HC IV connector
Self-consumption[w] 5
AC Output Data Nominal AC power[w] 3000
Max.AC power[w] 3000
Max.output current[A] 15
Nominal output voltage range According to VDE0126-1-1, RD1663, ENEL, GB,SAA
AC grid frequency According to VDE0126-1-1, RD1663, ENEL, GB,SAA
THD(AC output current) ?1%
Power factor ~1 (Norminal power)
AC connector Single phase with clamps
Efficiency Max.efficiency 97.0%
Euro efficiency >96.5%
MPPT adaptation efficiency >99.5%
Safty Equipment Leakage current monitoring Integrated
DC disconnector switch Optional
Islanding protection AFD
Grid monitoring
According to VDE 0126-1-1/A1,AS4777.1/2/3, RD1663,
ENEL Guide,G83,G95-2
Normative Reference EMC-compliant according to EN 61000-6-1,EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3,EN 61000-6-4
Safety compliance According to IEC62109-1,AS3100
General Data Dimensions(W*H*D) [mm] 330*350*125
Net weight [kg] 13
Housing For outdoor and indoor
Mounting information Wall bracket
Operating temperature range -20??60??up 45? derating?
Relative humidity 0 ~ 95%
Site altitude[m] 2000
IP proection type IP65
Topology Transformerless
Cooling concept Nature Convection
Noise level[dB] ?25
Display 3LED;3.5"LCD
Communication USB2.0;485?wireless?bluetooth optional?
Standard warranty[years] 5/10(optional?